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MARCH 18th-20th

Chelsea, MI

Friends Retreat Center
7748 Clarks Lake Road
Chelsea, MI


RETREAT ACTIVITIES:  Life requires a twofold approach for personal and spiritual transformation.  Self-love is about your integration into the physical plane, your creative expression.  Learning to reside in the softness and peace of the Living God at the same time allows profound transformation to occur.  The wondrous spiraling of human and spiritual evolution is fulfilled when self-love with Love of the Divine are united. This is the fullest approach to life.

AT THE RETREAT: A safe, supportive and catalytic environment will be held for you where the spiraling of body, mind and spirit can deepen their journey into love and its expression.  Be prepared to relax, receive, absorb, and take home tools for a life of peace, love and expression that is uniquely yours.

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WE WILL BE meeting at the Michigan Friends Center. The retreat building is surrounded by woods and offers a scenic, tranquil space for our retreat.  There are hiking trails and beautiful views outside the windows; this is a simple and quiet space in nature. 

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The Spiral Of Existence
Impermanence & the Wonder
of the Universe
Brenda Morgan, Ph.D

Spiritual Alchemy – Turning Lead Into Gold
Alisa Dowell, B.A

Humanly Divine: Holding Space For The Tender Self To Emerge
Tom Egan, M.Ed

Self-Care: Elements Of Healthy Boundaries
Susan Fancy, B.S

Life…For Beginners
Matthew Gannage, B.A

Light And Shadow:
Embracing Shadow To Reveal The Light
Sharon Huxford, MSW

Honoring Your Creativity
Tom Mansell, M.A

Extend Your Expression,
Extend Your Aliveness
Carl Newmeyer, B.A

Following Our Gut:
Letting Body Wisdom
Jumpstart Growth & Creativity
Sarah Nuxoll, B.A, B.S

Reconnecting To The Intuition Of The Body
Jane Robinson, M.A, LAC, Ph.D

Energy Speaks
Jenny Lynn Santoro, Intuitive Stylist

Hand Made: Our Bodily Relationship With Tools, Creativity, And The World Around Us
Philip Yamron, Art Business Owner


Overnight Accommodations

Please contact Patty Hart, Lodging Coordinator:
or email: patty@everybodyhappy.net



You can browse our specially designed menu for your dining pleasure, health and alertness!  DOWNLOAD MENU




Please send your registration & deposit to:

Brenda Morgan, PhD
P.O. Box 130842
Ann Arbor, MI

or pay online:

$100 Non Refundable Deposit

$395 Retreat Fee with Lunch & Snacks


When registration payment received, a pre-retreat packet will be sent to you by email

For more information call 734-494-0674

Email: info@movedbythelight.com

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