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A life with the Light or the Divine as its foundation is the most profound. Deep intellect arises by not feeling the need to know, to have answers, to fix, to move into the world from the mind. The Heart is Open and Alive as Itself, and higher spiritual understandings arise that are prior to the metaphysical and psychic structures that most people access which arise within the earth’s inner dimensional structures.

Being in the world and interacting with it does not mean, automatically, that you will be in conflict with your desire to evolve spiritually. When one lives in a culture where body mind activity and constant interaction with the world is the norm, the impulse to evolve spiritually can weaken or dissipate. Wherever you put your attention that is what you become. Thus it would prove critical to understand where you put your attention and the impact it has upon your desire to open to the Living Universe.

Interaction with the world can be either a distraction to your evolutionary potential or a catalytic trigger mechanism that ignites further opening. A distraction creates dis-harmony: in your sense of self, self-love, interest in being here or in others being happy, too. It creates doubt of who you are, judgments of yourself and others increase, the creative mind weakens, more blankness and feeling stuck arises in various situations in life. The body’s breathing mechanism weakens and the body ages more quickly, genetic tendencies towards various illnesses increase, and so on.

Things which arise here, on a planet where Change is Mandatory and wired into the structure of all that is here, can help you:


SPIRAL UPWARD: move upward in the evolutionary spiral and deepen one’s Response to God, or:


REMAIN NEUTRAL: can spiral laterally, be neutral and keep one’s energy and interest distracted in ‘things that arise’ with no ultimate purpose or release with a dissipation of your life force, or:


SPIRAL DOWNWARD: create spiritual de-volution, in which one’s interest in God weakens or dissipates.


Thus, when an interaction with the world occurs which is spiritually catalytic, it creates harmony: the ability to create, express and feel open to life, self-love, love of others and support of happiness for all increases, ideas for resolving life conflicts flood in, judgments of others and yourself begin to dissipate or dissolve, deeper clarity and intelligence arise organically. The breathing mechanisms of the body move into alignment with the Cosmos and the body begins to rejuvenate; genetic tendencies towards various illnesses are reduced, and so on.

The idea is to continue to align to the catalytic events and people, etc. so that the tendency to de-volve or remain in a neutral and non-evolving life space are released permanently. This permanent transformation cannot occur by experiencing a temporary ‘opening,’ (sometimes people spend a lifetime collecting these temporary moments without profound life transformation) but a consistent and spiritually disciplined response to Life itself. It develops over time, and lower tendencies fade as you learn to put attention upon the signals of ‘ignition or distraction’ that your body so graciously and constantly receives.

You actually “know” instinctively when you are open, or closed, or neutral, spiritually! You have the capacity to sense when and how this occurs when you attend to your daily activities and life events. Your body was intricately designed to do so. The key is to understand that no one else can do this for you. You can choose to relate to life’s events in a way that creates deeper openness to Oneness, or you can choose to stray away from the clear-cut map that is wired into your body-mind.

So, the choice in this realm is up to you: by nurturing what brings balance, ease, pleasure and openness to you, you will begin to feel the natural impulse to evolve into Oneness. And this Oneness will eventually flood into your existence, permanently transforming all that you have been or will be.


            Step into the life that was your right from birth, see your life unfold as it is meant to! One that is radiantly alive, peaceful, happy and creative, with God/Universe as your Primary Identity. It is never too late to do so, as the illusion of time is released when you let go into the Essence of the Universe: Love incarnate in all its multitudinous forms. Learning to Feel what everything is, and not thinking about, it transforms your life into the happy aliveness of just being you, exploring the edges of being Love and its expression. You are, literally, the incarnation of “Aliveness.” No one can take that from you. Learn to rest in it, be it. You are Love.




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Communication Lines

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Sometimes the winds of life can make it seem as though we cannot communicate when it is just that we are temporarily ungrounded!  Its is not that we cannot communicate, it is that we have to SLOW DOWN and feel ourselves rooted in the earth.  Slowness begins one of the most simple and powerful healing processes in life.  Take a few deep breaths and begin your healing moment for today!

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What a wonder, what a wonder you are!

Here you are, reading this.  As I write these words, they come forth, arising with a sense of orderliness from “somewhere” within and perhaps outside of me, then put into other shapes by using my fingers to touch or say some “thing,” putting other shapes on what looks like paper but is nothing more than a floating hologram which puts them into another shape for you to read!  My “thoughts” which are not a solid object such as a stone, are transferred to other shapes, then travel through the air and arrive where you are anywhere in the world.  And then you see them right in front of you, they register inside you, and your eyes, brain, etc., translate them, and then fit them together to sense something that started “over here” within me as thought bubbles, and you create your own pattern of thought bubbles, interpreting it uniquely.  If that is not one of the most profound magic tricks in the Universe, I don’t know what is!!!

What a wonder.



The physical plane is quite magical when we slow down to feel the awe of even existing, being able to organize and send a perception to another somewhere out in the ethers, let alone all the other things we can do, sense or think.  How does this all happen?  What finely tuned structures, elegantly developed for us to “use” these are!  They were born before we were, before we come to exist here, and we ‘slide into them’ when we are arrive and we leave them when we let go of it all at the end of our lives.

We truly do not know what anything is or where it comes from. We cannot think ourselves into knowing it.  It is a mystery, one that has been with us throughout all of time.

SLOWNESS and being able to pause, and rest with our ” perceptual tools” to sense-feel what we are ‘in’ is divinely magical.  And to even be able to sense-feel at all, what is that all about?!  Look at you, reading this, moving a construction of cells we call eyes, absorbing the shapes!  Look at you, it goes somewhere in your head and you “do something” with it and then create shapes of thoughts that are apparently not even stored in your head!

What is this, what is existence?!!!  

And: where is this all going on, where is this happening, where are we ‘doing’ this, spinning in space, going very fast somewhere, thousands of miles per hour?!

And while we are talking about it:  what is love in the first place, something everyone wishes to feel as much as possible, and what heals everything… What is that?!!!

Ands look at you!   Pre-assembled to explore, with such profound mechanisms and tools at your disposal.

All for free.  A gift from what is Unknown.  A body and mind.  Add to this the Earth, another magical, wondrous form for our Living Pleasure…  What an absolute, magical, amazing wonder that we even exist.


Enjoy your gift of living today, right now, the  present moment.  Seems like a wonderful idea; it’s all yours anyhow!


Love it, embrace it, explore love and its expression with your own personally-manufactured-for-you body mind, never duplicated, waiting to be you…as you tell it what to do.

Feel the wonder that you can look, move, think, love, feel, do anything at all, from the simple act of reaching for something – which is, in itself, an unbelievable feat! – to sensing that you even exist!

Now THAT is an unbelievable Gift. The awe of existing, and, being you.

What a wonder you are.




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While love is the answer, your willingness to learn to be love in every moment is the key.



While having an open heart to those who are different than you is an answer, your willingness to love who you are, self-love, is the foundation for doing the rest.


While having a relationship can be what you want, your willingness to move in life AS relationship is what heals your personal life and that of all residents of this world (or any other, for that matter!).


While being a genius can seem the answer, your willingness to learn from any person, place, or thing, is true intelligence and begets wisdom.


Let our moments of existence be an ever-expanding expression of the Mystery that created it all.



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The human heart is, somehow, in rhythmic harmony with the pulse/heartbeat of the Earth…




The Earth is, somehow, in rhythmic harmony, in sync with the pulse/heartbeat of the Sun…




And the Sun is, somehow, in rhythmic harmony, in sync, with the pulse/heartbeat of the Galaxy in which we reside…


And our Galaxy is, somehow, in rhythmic harmony, in sync with the entire Universe’s pulse/heartbeat…

And when there is a “change” in the pulse/rhythm broadcasting through the Universe, it, somehow, adjusts the pulse/heartbeat of our Galaxy, and our Galaxy adjusts its pulse and changes our Sun’s pulse/heartbeat, and the Sun adjusts the pulse/heartbeat of the Earth, our home…


And here is what is truly awe-inspiring (as if the latter was not enough!):  in this transformation of energy patterns affecting other energy fields, the Earth, somehow, adjusts the literal pulse/heartbeat of our actual physical hearts.


One thing is consistent for all life:  it needs relationships to exist and to express.  Millions/billions of simple/complex living relationships exist everywhere.  From simple elements such as hydrogen and oxygen forming water to the union of two beings creating a child.  From receiving nourishment through food and water to the nourishment of our hearts.


As far as the transformation of heartbeats/pulses in our universe, the how and why is not known “scientifically.”  But these living relationships, the transfer of rhythms from one to the other, with distance meaning nothing, do something that indicates a living, active relationship.  There seems to be One Being here, communicating.  And its cellular components are in relationship in every moment, no matter how confusing things may seem.


Life exists because “relationships” exist: it is a basic building block of reality for us.


Learning to feel the sameness, the union, in life can ignite wonder, awe, hope for positive change anywhere in our lives.  Look in all directions, not just up and down and inward.  Feel what is going on here, and fall into the wonder and awe and magic of being alive.


Who knows how or why?  Just allow yourself to feel the impact of such truths, for this is evolution at work, when your heart is moved to feel beyond everyday perceptions.  Let it help you begin to see the forest and not be restricted by just seeing the trees.  And the forest is the living network of the Cosmos, somehow magically expressing itself as “us.”
And when we begin to feel life and relax our tendencies to be thinking about it and what we can do ‘to’ it, true evolutionary magic begins.


As for our daily lives?  Well, I would suggest taking it one relationship at a time, whether it is with yourself, another, others or beyond.  This begins the journey into Oneness throughout time and beyond.  Each pulse/heartbeat expression of awe and wonder, one healed person at a time, each with the potential to ignite something “unknown” in another, sometimes in ways that are not understood.


What a wonder!





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Have you ever wondered why people anywhere on earth find it difficult to live a life without stress, upset and confusion? To understand what is going on here, we must know the Source from which all things arise. Not by thinking about it, nor by feeling mad, sad, glad or scared. We must begin to feel what we actually are beyond the moment-to-moment thoughts, feelings and moods that arise constantly within us.


“Every thought, the sense of I, the entire body mind, every object, every other body mind, the world, everything, comes out of Spirit. In every instant of existence, the same universal drama is being enacted. That is, phenomena are appearing and disappearing out of Being. To understand what is going on in every moment, you must know the Source, the Original Condition from which all matter springs. To simply know the offshoots of the Whole is to be bound in the circus of up and down forever.”
– Michael Silverman, Innocent Catalyst/Spiritual Teacher

The ups and downs of passing moods, reactions to people and experiences are not, paradoxically, you. Yes, it feels that way as they move through your emotional field, but it is a mistake to assume that is all you are; it is not founded on sensing/knowing what is actually going on here. It can be done; it does take a deep desire and courage, an act of will to break through this illusion, but it can be done, and not by a select few, for times have changed.

This means YOU can do so.

In the process of exploring What Life is, true revolutionaries are needed, those willing to explore who and what they are, and let go of the self-imposed suffering while alive. And this type of revolution is a radical change in perception of what Reality is, a shift in conscious awareness. To “go boldly where few are willing to go,” where one’s own life is seen as the precious presence it actually is, and that it deserves to be protected to fully live, grow and evolve. To do so, a being must be willing to be seen in vulnerable and clear ways, by themselves and others. They must be willing to acknowledge their suffering, the way that they defend their confusions and try to justify their stance, trying to be accepted, admired and loved, to feel needed in the world. They must be willing to surrender the games of the ego, i.e., games that solidify the perception that you are a separate entity based on the moods that flow through your emotional body and brain mind judgments about it all. True revolutionaries in this sense are those who are willing to be “in the line of fire” of spiritual transformation. And this ‘line of fire’ results only in the death of fear of living, which is the true scourge of Mankind.

glassesBeing seen means humbly admitting that you are more interested in securing a position of power and control with love considered “unimportant,” where defending what is done/felt rather than clarifying WHY one would feel the need to defend seems the best option in life, feeling that you are alone and must survive on your own wits at all costs.

When you hold onto – and it is unconscious at this point – the perception that you are a separate entity, you are suffering from feeling your life is transitory, temporary. And why? When you feel you are alone and separate from everything else, you are constantly on guard and uncomfortable with life. If you have no reference point for your existence beyond all the comings and goings of your body and mind, you are “afraid for your life.” You become consciously and unconsciously focused on the fear of loss of something, be it your life, relationship(s), jobs, money, food, sex, intelligence, etc., with only temporary distractions from that suffering, the root discomfort of living without feeling what you actually are. So, people try to fill that primal void with persons, places, things, thoughts, etc. But that ‘void’ is only filled when you feel yourself in totality.  And that totality is not perceived through your brain mind, but through feeling beyond the body mind. And it can happen to you.

You see, life is not painful; it is the way you look into/see/experience it that makes it so confusing! This is more than just a clarification of your ‘mission’ on earth or seeking higher information to continue pursuing a life based on feeling separate. Spiritually, it is necessary to develop the ability to see what is underneath your actions, or your life will continue to be filled with involuntary, mechanical rounds of repetition of suffering the same issues, because that is all you know, or have known, to feel alive.

Virtually everybody is walking around with an incomplete and superficial notion of Reality, of what is truly happening here. There must be a turnabout in how one experiences life; there must be a rerouting of how you actually sense you are alive and what you are doing. Your perception of living needs to find an opening to the feeling presence of Life Living Itself; the matrix or background structure, the Universal Field that lives all universes. And it can happen.


In the line of fire, while taking true courage and will, implies feeling through the false perception of separateness from everything else, moving through the sheen of false separation. Here is what is truly odd about living: the actual perception that you are a separate individual is not the “problem” but the conclusion that this is all you are, is false! There must be an impulse within you, a desire to inspect what is normally hidden from view, as this can activate the ability to FEEL BEYOND this illusion, for the Origin of Life must be bodily felt and intuited. It is not done through the brain mind, the collector of data, but with the feeling sense that there is Something More. This is a beginning portal to higher evolution, and not just into metaphysical planes where lights, colors, energies, various entities exist, for those realms are still part of the illusory veil of feeling separate and are only an intermediate resting-point for those drawn to what life actually IS at its root. This is where true revolutionaries arise. And at this time in human existence it is possible to do so.

Perhaps you have heard this phrase: “You don’t think that you are alive, you know that you are alive.” Take a moment to become aware of the two different channels used to feel what this statement is saying: one channel is ‘thinking’ by staying focused within the brain-mind data collector system. Most find themselves deeply tied into this approach of perceiving in life. The other channel is a ‘knowing,’ a felt-sense within and without the body mind, not hindered by the thinking mind. It tends to be latent and stagnant, sometimes accessed in traumatic or dramatic moments in our lives. This knowing is not based on the feeling of emotions, but another spatial-intuitive system that transcends all the body mind activity. It can be used as a beginner’s highway, a doorway, to sensing who and what you actually are.

There is a divine individuality that is waiting to burst forth into this Universe, but it requires true revolutionaries, those who are willing to go through the learning to FEEL what life is, and not THINK ABOUT what life is. The paradox is that the brain-mind, the tendency to collect, judge and conclude about life moments, becomes wonderfully alive and ‘online’ when it is allowed to rest in the truth of what existence is. It has other work to do once this link-up is made, and that, my friend, can be the birthing of your unique divine individuality.

As this journey is begun, “spiritual heat’ occurs as a natural, higher evolutionary phase kicks in. Confusion and clarity, fear and peace, unclear impulses and moments of inspiration all mixed in one pot as you begin to ‘cook’ and open to who you are. People within all cultures and from every background have learned to hold their pain and problems near and dear to them and to deny the possibility that they are truly divine beings. We are, however, en masse, on the brink of evolutionary change for all.

…the whole idea is then to see the impure identification with the body mind that translates into the belief that you are that transitory self…without a permanent dissolution of the ego-I, it is impossible to be who you are…as being who you are implies the termination of separateness… “
-Comment by Michael Silverman, Innocent Catalyst/spiritual teacher

We must learn to be vulnerable, be willing to give up our tendency to hide life wounds, our human frailties, and reveal the celebration of our unique abilities. Yes, some attachments of perception are not very pretty, and some are benign, but they all deny the truth of who you are and where you are going, in the highest sense. When we register life based on our emotional field and what others have told us, we cannot fully exist as ourselves. This is where true revolutionaries willing to be in the line of fire of transformational forces are needed. No matter what someone’s life history is, anyone can be transformed; they must have the desire to see they are caught in a perceptual box and Feel beyond it. The ability to do so is built into our DNA; we just have to make the choice to activate and attend to it. This is the greatest possible statement anyone can make in the world, and is the most transformative for the planet and humanity itself.


This expression of our uniqueness – never to be seen or duplicated again, anywhere, anytime, is our gift back to the Light. The Universe, the Cosmos, gives us form, and we express through that form. By maturing enough to feel good about ourselves as humans and then to put our ‘selves’ in the sacred line of fire of the Divine, or God, we surrender to our true identity, the Universe itself expressed in the present moment. Do not be distracted by the forms of life that express such deep confusions that life itself is denied. Bring peace to your life and to Earth by being you, in all your beauty. That is the true end of war, anywhere, anytime.



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When you step into nature, when you relax into nature, you are sinking into the birthing of life on earth: the womb of your form, your body. It is pristine, pure. You “unfold” into your body parts, and they provide vessels of perception and movement into your future. The beginning of this unfolding bypasses your thinking mind circuits – which are still developing – and connects your awareness, through those cells, directly to the vibrating slowness of the calm, peace and magical and unseen forces of Nature that form your body, without a word being spoken, but only Felt. This is deeply engrained in your cells and awareness and can be reawakened.


NATURE IS THE INTERMEDIARY LIVING FORCE that gave you a body and mind, and the Primary Force, whatever you may call it, the Mystery/ God/the Divine or countless other names for what is Felt, that primary force gave the awareness that you are ALIVE, that you EXIST, in a body. You feel it: you don’t think that you are alive; you know that you are alive through other channels of awareness! How can that be, to know not through your thinking mind but through some other mechanism?!

SO, NATURE ASSEMBLES US into a shape, a form, a frequency that can move and express itself here. Yes, we are still learning to Love with ease and to express that everywhere. But it, Nature, provides a school, a backdrop in which our species is learning to Be Itself.

THE EARTH IS A UNIVERSAL PLAYGROUND FOR ANY LIVING PRESENCE HERE. A sense feeling of this playground needs to be reawakened in us; it will help us heal. Allow yourself to learn to contact it deeply, sinking into it with awareness, not a thinking mind. Melding with it in this way stimulates awe of the beauty of you even existing: being able to hear, see, touch, smell, or taste, to be able to feel whatever it is you may feel in your adventures here.

Do you even know what a sound is?  From where does it arise, come from?

What about a ‘seeing” of something? How can that be?! What is it?

Or what is a “feeling of or touching” of something?

What is “tasting;” what are you actually doing/experiencing?

Oh yes, we can describe, in exquisite detail, what it is made of through nature’s shapes and forms, but where do any of these perceptions come from, how did they arise, come into existence in the first place?  It truly is a mystery, for do we truly know what anything is?  Somehow, somewhere, something is Alive and Living everything. What a wonder!

SINKING INTO NATURE IGNITES THE BEGINNING OF SINKING INTO THE WHOLENESS OF WHAT YOU ARE, the arising of Consciousness, the Mystery, God itself, into form.

What “that” is, no one knows…

NATURE IS BEAUTY IN ITS RAW FORM, waiting to feel you feeling it, accepting it as an ally, a gift-giver of balance and peace as you spend your time on earth. This, in itself, gives rise to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. It can become a steppingstone for your higher evolution, igniting love of the mystery of Creation itself. This refreshes and balances you, giving strength for all of your adventures in your life, some beautiful, and, yes, some quite confusing, until we deeply understand what is truly happening here, deep in our souls.

SO, PLEASE: meld with Nature while you are in or with it; allow your senses to absorb it, allow peace to enter you.  It is an unspoken language; it is a Language of the Heart.  Nature radiates aspects of this to you; it waits for you; let it support you. Take this language of languages with you into your life and onto the planet everywhere you go; it ignites awe, and awe melts the mind and allows the heart to open.

Sink into Nature and receive.

Once you open to how to do so, it is yours forever.



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