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A life with the Light or the Divine as its foundation is the most profound. Deep intellect arises by not feeling the need to know, to have answers, to fix, to move into the world from the mind. The Heart is Open and Alive as Itself, and higher spiritual understandings arise that are prior to the metaphysical and psychic structures that most people access which arise within the earth’s inner dimensional structures.

Being in the world and interacting with it does not mean, automatically, that you will be in conflict with your desire to evolve spiritually. When one lives in a culture where body mind activity and constant interaction with the world is the norm, the impulse to evolve spiritually can weaken or dissipate. Wherever you put your attention that is what you become. Thus it would prove critical to understand where you put your attention and the impact it has upon your desire to open to the Living Universe.

Interaction with the world can be either a distraction to your evolutionary potential or a catalytic trigger mechanism that ignites further opening. A distraction creates dis-harmony: in your sense of self, self-love, interest in being here or in others being happy, too. It creates doubt of who you are, judgments of yourself and others increase, the creative mind weakens, more blankness and feeling stuck arises in various situations in life. The body’s breathing mechanism weakens and the body ages more quickly, genetic tendencies towards various illnesses increase, and so on.

Things which arise here, on a planet where Change is Mandatory and wired into the structure of all that is here, can help you:


SPIRAL UPWARD: move upward in the evolutionary spiral and deepen one’s Response to God, or:


REMAIN NEUTRAL: can spiral laterally, be neutral and keep one’s energy and interest distracted in ‘things that arise’ with no ultimate purpose or release with a dissipation of your life force, or:


SPIRAL DOWNWARD: create spiritual de-volution, in which one’s interest in God weakens or dissipates.


Thus, when an interaction with the world occurs which is spiritually catalytic, it creates harmony: the ability to create, express and feel open to life, self-love, love of others and support of happiness for all increases, ideas for resolving life conflicts flood in, judgments of others and yourself begin to dissipate or dissolve, deeper clarity and intelligence arise organically. The breathing mechanisms of the body move into alignment with the Cosmos and the body begins to rejuvenate; genetic tendencies towards various illnesses are reduced, and so on.

The idea is to continue to align to the catalytic events and people, etc. so that the tendency to de-volve or remain in a neutral and non-evolving life space are released permanently. This permanent transformation cannot occur by experiencing a temporary ‘opening,’ (sometimes people spend a lifetime collecting these temporary moments without profound life transformation) but a consistent and spiritually disciplined response to Life itself. It develops over time, and lower tendencies fade as you learn to put attention upon the signals of ‘ignition or distraction’ that your body so graciously and constantly receives.

You actually “know” instinctively when you are open, or closed, or neutral, spiritually! You have the capacity to sense when and how this occurs when you attend to your daily activities and life events. Your body was intricately designed to do so. The key is to understand that no one else can do this for you. You can choose to relate to life’s events in a way that creates deeper openness to Oneness, or you can choose to stray away from the clear-cut map that is wired into your body-mind.

So, the choice in this realm is up to you: by nurturing what brings balance, ease, pleasure and openness to you, you will begin to feel the natural impulse to evolve into Oneness. And this Oneness will eventually flood into your existence, permanently transforming all that you have been or will be.


            Step into the life that was your right from birth, see your life unfold as it is meant to! One that is radiantly alive, peaceful, happy and creative, with God/Universe as your Primary Identity. It is never too late to do so, as the illusion of time is released when you let go into the Essence of the Universe: Love incarnate in all its multitudinous forms. Learning to Feel what everything is, and not thinking about, it transforms your life into the happy aliveness of just being you, exploring the edges of being Love and its expression. You are, literally, the incarnation of “Aliveness.” No one can take that from you. Learn to rest in it, be it. You are Love.





  • Joy Toth says:

    I love the clarity of the three options. I am learning to distinguish between the three in my daily life. And the next step is to return my attention as soon as I recognize it is “off ” to the upward spiral, choosing things as I go through my day that bring peace, love and a sense of openness to God/Love, and creative expression. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom, Brenda!

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