Her Spiritual State

Brenda has gone through a change in which her direct perception and experience of Reality has been permanently transformed.  This transformation has been called many things in the history of our planet, but the core of all descriptions of it includes the awareness that everything arises from a Mystery, the Unknown and Infinite Feeling that all is One. She presently serves as a Meditation Teacher and Mentor to people around the United States.  Her transformation brings deeper perceptions of reality and a broader vision of life and service to the earth and humanity.

Her Background

Brenda was born in Michigan, and lived her pre-teen years in the Detroit-Metro area. She returned to this area in 1998, feeling that her basic essence is most nourished by the wondrous expression of Nature in Michigan. All of her life work has focused upon relationships:  to the Earth, to each other and to Life itself. During the past 35 years, Brenda has served as a university professor, director of human services personnel and volunteers, private therapist, consultant, public speaker and trainer for personnel in various aspects of society such as hospitals and rehabilitation centers, as well as being involved with various grant programs for staff and direct services to clientele. During  the past 15 years she has served as a Meditation Teacher and mentor.

Now & the Future

As Founder of Grass Lake Sanctuary (www.grasslakesanctuary.org) a 145-acre sanctuary 20 to 25 minutes west of Ann Arbor, MI., a culmination of her desire to serve humanity and to give back to the Earth is being realized.  What will be shared in such an environmentally-honored and humanly-ignited space will catalyze others of any age, race or condition to enter the world as a participant in its healing on many levels:  from the personal to the local community, the nation and worldwide. How they do so will depend upon their unique interests and creativity.  This is a living dream, and is already being actualized by the interest of the 70 or so people who have shown the desire and energy, creativity and maturity, to bring such a space to southeast Michigan.


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