Universal Truths

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All matter in life begins as a pattern, from the molecules rotating in space to the steel beams and frameworks for high rises. Cellular structures have patterns. Architectural structures have patterns. To enter this realm, patterns must exist or forms could not take shape. Anywhere you look, even in seeming chaos, a pattern, a print can be found. How can anyone assume one’s life does not have a pattern, a print, when all of creation arises from one? Your life has purpose, meaning, and is imprinted with the Universe’s Signature.


The basic structures of reality have patterns that allow life to be lived in harmony, within oneself and with others. The following are basic spiritual truths, universal in nature, which apply for all living beings in any form. When they are followed, the physical/emotional/mental patterns that “hold” your attention go into balance and the higher forces of change and evolution can then activate on your behalf.

•    Each soul must, through its own yearning and desire, develop a relationship with and eventually surrender into what lives it: the Universe itself, God, the Light.

•    Each soul must care for and respect the body in which it finds itself.

•    Each soul must acknowledge that all living beings, including itself, have a purpose, a reason for being, even if it is not consciously understood.

•    Each soul must care for and respect the earth which provides nourishment as wellas a home and space to explore existence.

•    Each soul must live with honesty and integrity. Perfection is not important, but acknowledging mistakes and learning from them, at whatever pace you can, is.

•    Each soul must learn to let go of any and all manipulation of other’s lives and simpler life forms.

•    All must live from their unique blueprint and expression, or the tendency to judge and gossip will arise. When in doubt, express who you are in some small or big way, and your fears as well as doubts will begin to dissolve automatically.

•    Life will present challenges and choices to help you evolve and open to yourself and the Divine.

•    Human beings cannot determine when to employ Love, for:

“Love is pulsing through every article of creation. God has no special moments, and Love needs to be radiated even when it is most uncomfortable. We must come to the conclusion that we have no choice but to Love.”

                               (Quote from Michael Silverman)

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