The Futility of Seeking

On March 28th, 2012, posted in: Evolution by

There is nothing wrong with experiencing life and its many possibilities. However, to assume that gaining temporary contentment through things that change is all there is to life is false. The desire for true peace, happiness and contentment as a permanent state is prior to things that change; it is the fabric of the universe, the cosmic matrix, the energy which lives everything.

What is seeking?

•    When the mind and body is always looking for stimulation within and without to feel a sense of purpose, value and accomplishment.

•    When one is always trying to ‘release’ through the body or mind, independent of Spirit.

•    The wanting to feel better temporarily, rather than being dependent upon Spirit for one’s well-being.

•    The wanting to feel better relative to your experience here, not in terms of surrender of the perception that you are a separate entity, i.e., an ego.

Seeking is understanding that the human circuitry, the nervous system, is always self-referring, seeking something – in the world or inside oneself – to try to get rid of the discomfort that something is missing, to have a sense of temporary release from this stress.

The only way to live in a perpetual state of release is to Open to What Lives us.

All else is seeking through things that change.

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