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When you step into nature, when you relax into nature, you are sinking into the birthing of life on earth: the womb of your form, your body. It is pristine, pure. You “unfold” into your body parts, and they provide vessels of perception and movement into your future. The beginning of this unfolding bypasses your thinking mind circuits – which are still developing – and connects your awareness, through those cells, directly to the vibrating slowness of the calm, peace and magical and unseen forces of Nature that form your body, without a word being spoken, but only Felt. This is deeply engrained in your cells and awareness and can be reawakened.


NATURE IS THE INTERMEDIARY LIVING FORCE that gave you a body and mind, and the Primary Force, whatever you may call it, the Mystery/ God/the Divine or countless other names for what is Felt, that primary force gave the awareness that you are ALIVE, that you EXIST, in a body. You feel it: you don’t think that you are alive; you know that you are alive through other channels of awareness! How can that be, to know not through your thinking mind but through some other mechanism?!

SO, NATURE ASSEMBLES US into a shape, a form, a frequency that can move and express itself here. Yes, we are still learning to Love with ease and to express that everywhere. But it, Nature, provides a school, a backdrop in which our species is learning to Be Itself.

THE EARTH IS A UNIVERSAL PLAYGROUND FOR ANY LIVING PRESENCE HERE. A sense feeling of this playground needs to be reawakened in us; it will help us heal. Allow yourself to learn to contact it deeply, sinking into it with awareness, not a thinking mind. Melding with it in this way stimulates awe of the beauty of you even existing: being able to hear, see, touch, smell, or taste, to be able to feel whatever it is you may feel in your adventures here.

Do you even know what a sound is?  From where does it arise, come from?

What about a ‘seeing” of something? How can that be?! What is it?

Or what is a “feeling of or touching” of something?

What is “tasting;” what are you actually doing/experiencing?

Oh yes, we can describe, in exquisite detail, what it is made of through nature’s shapes and forms, but where do any of these perceptions come from, how did they arise, come into existence in the first place?  It truly is a mystery, for do we truly know what anything is?  Somehow, somewhere, something is Alive and Living everything. What a wonder!

SINKING INTO NATURE IGNITES THE BEGINNING OF SINKING INTO THE WHOLENESS OF WHAT YOU ARE, the arising of Consciousness, the Mystery, God itself, into form.

What “that” is, no one knows…

NATURE IS BEAUTY IN ITS RAW FORM, waiting to feel you feeling it, accepting it as an ally, a gift-giver of balance and peace as you spend your time on earth. This, in itself, gives rise to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. It can become a steppingstone for your higher evolution, igniting love of the mystery of Creation itself. This refreshes and balances you, giving strength for all of your adventures in your life, some beautiful, and, yes, some quite confusing, until we deeply understand what is truly happening here, deep in our souls.

SO, PLEASE: meld with Nature while you are in or with it; allow your senses to absorb it, allow peace to enter you.  It is an unspoken language; it is a Language of the Heart.  Nature radiates aspects of this to you; it waits for you; let it support you. Take this language of languages with you into your life and onto the planet everywhere you go; it ignites awe, and awe melts the mind and allows the heart to open.

Sink into Nature and receive.

Once you open to how to do so, it is yours forever.



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What does it mean to “seek”

•    The body mind looks for (seeks) stimulation to feel alive, have a purpose outside of itself.

•    To release the palpable tension that permeates the body mind due to feeling separate from What lives us.

•    To try to feel better separate from and not dependent upon Spirit for your well-being. Wanting to feel better based on your experience here, not in terms of Feeling beyond the sense of “feeling” separate.

What are the qualities of seeking?

•     Are momentary pleasures, temporary remedies and any resulting “good mood” fades away.

•    Are giving answers, adding on to other’s ideas to feel better about who you are vs. being you.

•    Defending your “pleasures and remedies” as if they are an appropriate replacement for Feeling the peace, stillness and Love that is the Divine which – paradoxically – is YOU.

•    Defending your moods and ways of relating rather than being open, non-judgmental and exploring what brings Happiness into your life and expression.

What is “non-seeking”

•     Being who you are: not trying to do anything except being yourself without strain, effort or jumping out of the present moment you are in. Learning how to yield to effortlessness, peace, and innocence.

•     The only way this becomes permanent is through Feeling beyond all the forms and moods, “good or bad,” that distract from learning to Feel the Living Truth.

•     Lasting “aliveness” only occurs with the Divine.

•     When you are being who you are, your Happiness is independent of phenomena, of things that change.

Our body minds have a problem:

They are self-referring, constantly seeking something to try to get rid of the discomfort of feeling separate. This is only corrected when you feel what you are: the arising Living Force of the Universe.

Why are we so resistant?

What we are truly afraid of is giving up our hold on what gives us temporary relief and satisfaction, fearing there is nothing else. So we – paradoxically – fight when permanent Happiness/Truth is shared. Life and expression do not end when you stop seeking and open to what lives everything. What ends is lovelessness, the feeling of being separate. What remains is Love. And Love just Loves, learning to express Happiness everywhere.

May your ‘fight’ to stay unhappy and separate be as short as is humanly possible!!!

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