The Awakening Of The Heart

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The awakening of the heart cannot be measured by marketing techniques or formulas.  Nor can it be assumed that less is ‘bad’ when numbers are added up. The heart is measured by the level of radiance, not quantity of people, and that is not measurable through dollars in any account anywhere in the world…


One being whose heart is open offsets untold
numbers of others who are still lost.


Those who are evolving need to ignite, instill, inspire and draw humanity to the source of existence.  This is a process and not a goal; a gentle unfoldment.  There is a Knowing that the Mystery of Existence, the Light itself, will be Seen and Felt by all, some day.  And that means there is no need to convince anyone of anything spiritually for, when their heart is ready, they will Listen.


We are here to inspire, help, and encourage anyone, anywhere,  and any place or time, to Move into alignment with the highest expression of themselves and into alignment with the transformative powers of the Universe.


It is our job to provide an unbiased, innocent and supportive space to find their way home.   People need an avenue to place their attention upon what is Greater through activities and tasks that align to their interests as a soul.  This honors both the Mystery of Life from which we arise, and the unique life that we are living now.


It is impossible to be born without some purpose, even if there is confusion about what that purpose is and how to express it.  And the beauty is that, if we are exposed to those whose hearts are open or opening, our own awakening is stimulated.


Life is, again, a process, not a goal.  It is never-ending.  And this Universe will ultimately complete its cycle of healing when humanity graduates into loving as a state of being, and not manufacturing ways to create attention based on things that change.

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